Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson gone?

Saw reports he is in the transfer portal. Probably so considering he had 7 punts last year that averaged only 30 yards basically. Maybe trying to free up room and show the kid from Tulsa we really want him here.

Yes he’s leaving.

Shanks for the memories, Blake.

Seriously, the guy came in with a reputation of having a strong leg, seem to remember he played in the Under Armor game. Like so many kickers/punters his struggles seemed to be a lot more mental than physical. He wore out the patience of two different HCs while he was here, don’t think he punted much in 2018 after mid-season. I hope he finds his groove at his next stop

Has the portal ever rejected someone?

A quote from Baker Mayfield comes to mind… “That Dickson Street will get you…”


Yea Blake will probably go somewhere and average 46 yards a kick and dropping punts inside the 20 & 10 yard lines.
Same as Cole Hedlund did, transferring to NTS and had a banner year.

We used to have the nation’s best kicking game/program. Funny how those great years have gone, now that I’m retired.