Blake Anderson/ASU Football Coach

taking a leave of absence. His wife Wendy has stage 4 breast cancer. Pray for the entire ASU community! It is tough on coaches, administrators, players, the Anderson’s, and Wendy’s families! From what I have read Coach Anderson is a very good Coach, who has done pretty good at A-State.

So very sad. Prayers for Coach Anderson and the Arkansas State family. So glad he’s putting his wife/family first. A real man.

Breast cancer hit’s very close to home in our family.

prayers for the Andersons…and all those affected by cancer and other deadly diseases.

I watched my mom beat it twice and finally succumb to it in 2104 and only to see my little sister be diagnosed with it in 2017-2018. She took no chances and had a double mastectomy and has been cleared at this time. Just an awful illness and prayers to the Anderson family.

Wendy Anderson passed away shortly before midnight.

Heartfelt sadness for the Anderson family.
A big hole in the family that will always be there.

Prayers for him and his family

It’s so sad to see someone so young die. My prayers for Coach Anderson & his family.