Blaine Knight's remarkable hit list grows

He has gone head to head against the following projected first round draft picks and won:

Mize-AU-Projected #1 overall
Singer-Fla-Projected #5 overall
Kowar-Fla-Projected #15 overall
Rollison-OM–Projected #17 overall
Hjelle–UK-Projected # 30 overall

He has also beaten the Fri nite guys at LSU (Hess), TAMU (Kilkenny) and UGA (Adkins) who aren’t projected first rounders in this year’s draft but are Really good, too. BK has had a remarkable season.

It wasn’t as consistent, but he had a lot of big head-to-head wins last year, notably over first-rounders Tanner Houck and Alex Lange. He also out-pitched Konnor Pilkington last year (projected second-rounder this year).

Don’t they give an award for the top UA Athlete each school year? It has to be Knight this year.

It was Kenzo Cotton.

I’ve been on this for a while now . . .



He battles and is a winner! The entire pitching staff battles.
One thing stands out today! The hogs were fielding a dry ball! When the ball was put in play they made the plays.
Outside of the balk on Knight and the wild pitch today was the best our defense has looked since the Texas Tech game.
The offense scored plenty despite missing on a few scoring chances.
Today the better team won.

One of my friends is an MLB Vice President and runs the scouting. He LOVES Blaine Knight. We talked the night he beat Casey Mize. He said he would love to have either in first round.

Blaine should be a first rounder. It’s amazing how humble he is. There’s a MLB club that will be getting a winner when he is drafted.

You and everyone else has. This has been a topic of conversation here and on the SEC Network and on the message boards and in the papers since about 1 month into the conference season.

Nevertheless, as usual, you still feel it necessary to link back to your posts anytime someone posts something similar.

I was just pointing out he added another first rounder and giving their updated draft projections. Congrats, I guess, for having posted about it several times in the past.

Good job.

Bk has done an awesome job of battling and learning how to pitch when he didn’t have his best stuff that is what I have been impressed with the most with him this year he has kept us and every game.

We’ve had this discussion in the past.

If I post “X”, and then - a few days . . . or, a few weeks or months . . . later - someone (you, anyone) also posts “X” (or, in this case “X plus more of the same”), why should it be offensive for me to post a link to my original thread(s) on the subject, while it is NOT for the current poster to have, essentially, made a re-post of my original thought?

Mind you, I didn’t find your post “offensive”; I’m just posing the question for legitimate consideration. I’m always interested to know why is that some people get so doggone upset (a few - most don’t care at all) when I simply point out that I (a) think the same thing (as something they have posted), and (b) have posted about it before. Posting a link to my prior comments is my way of saying “I agree” with your post, and then linking the prior thread instead of re-typing what I have already said (posted), while also connecting the current thread to posts made by others (in the prior thread).

I know even frequent posters can’t/don’t see every post or thread; I’ve posted what were, essentially, duplicates of posts made before by someone else myself, even after trying to check and make sure I didn’t, so I understand that it happens. Especially when it’s been days or weeks, issues/comments are going to be recycled, from time to time. But I see no harm in referencing a prior thread(s) on the exact same subject, and I’ve done the same thing for threads I didn’t originate or even post in.

At the same time, I’m obviously more likely to recall subjects/threads I did post about (as would any poster), especially those in which i was ahead of the field. It’s true that this item about Blaine has since become a frequent subject on SEC TV, message boards, etc. So, the current perception is that this is “common knowledge” that “everyone” has always had. But it wasn’t when I made my OP on the subject here; I don’t believe you’ll find an earlier reference to it than that post, in the media or anywhere else (@RazorbackBSB tweeted a similar comment about 2 hours after I posted).

As an update to the old saying goes “that and $1 might buy me a coke at McDonald’s”. But I’ve also been about the lone person promoting Blaine’s case for SEC “Pitcher of the Year” (a thread I also linked), so it’s a larger topic I have been on for a while. You may have a problem with me pointing these things out, PIG; but then, I also believe it’s a lot more about personalities than this particular post. We have a long history, when it comes to you attacking my posts.