blaine knight

last night: 6 innings, 3 hits, 7 strike outs, 0 walks. now 3-0 on the season with a .68 era

It won’t take Blaine long to make it!

Blaine was 14-0 last year for the Hogs, then had an 0-1 record in four starts in short Class A last summer. Basically, he was given four starts of about two or three innings, a total of 10 innings. They decided he’d best be served to just throw a little after a long college season with a lot of innings. I count that as a throw away stint.

But over the last two years of meaningful pitching, he’s 17-0. I think the Orioles can use him right now.

They could for sure use him now on the big club!

Good for Blaine, on his way…

As an oriole fan, they could use a lot. Sure nice to see knight doing well. Bout time orioles drafted a razorback

Going to make a lot of money as have some other AR pitchers in the past.
Isiah should be the next to do so as well.