Blaine Knight to Baltimore

3rd round; 87th pick

Slot value is $663,200 according to He might be able to squeeze out a little more money, but not very much. Of course, if he comes back he loses all his leverage. It would be a rather large gamble to see if he could get into the first round next year.

He will sign! After this post season run he is gone! Blaine has wore the hog uniform proudly and he’s a winner. I look forward to watching him pitch in MLB!

Blaine was eligible last year & thank goodness for us, he chose to stay. It was probably best for him, too. I’d like to see him get more money than that, but it’s probably best for him to head to the pros now. He’ll always be Razorback so I’ll always hope he does well.

Good for him…well deserved! now lets gets 2-3 more wins out of him and send him out with a NC.

The Orioles did not get any competitive balance or compensatory picks, so Blaine is the team’s third-highest draft choice. There is reason to believe he could sign for over slot value. The Orioles’ bonus pool is toward the top of the league this year.

Been an oriole fan since I was a kid and brooks Robinson played third. Weaver as manager, awesome hitting lineup. 4 20 game winners in the same year. I’ve been waiting for them to draft an Arkansas pitcher for years. Way to go o’s, congrats Knight.

Powell at first base I’m trying to remember more!

Belanger at short, Davey Johnson at second, Blair Buford and Robinson in outfield. Elroy hendricks catcher I think. Palmer, McNally, Cuerrar,Dobson

Love Camden Yard. My favorite MLB park My best friend lived there when it opened and I’ve attended several games. Boog Powell BBQ at the yard is excellent.

Great for Blaine. Excellent landing spot.

Earl Weaver…Classic.


And my boyhood hero Boog Powell at 1st!