Blaine Knight owes South Carolina a good outing

They are the only team this year that’s actually hit him well he only went 4 innings give up six hits he limited them to two runs but they hit him well. Hopefully he will be in command of his breaking ball and can spot his fastball in the corners he does that he’ll be fine

I wouldn’t say a 4 inning outing in winter weather allowing 6 hits and 2 runs is enough for Knight to owe the Poultry anything! He will come out and pitch his game. Let’s hope it’s good enough for a win. One thing for sure he will give it everything he’s got. That’s all we can expect from him.
I hope he gets the win and Cronnin gets the save.

Our offense needs to produce to help keep Night in a better comfort zone. But if it comes down to a low scoring pitchers duel, I think we are still in much better shape.

when he pitched on friday it was 70 degrees so it wasn’t cold until the front moved in over night…he just wasn’t sharp and left some balls up.I think he will fine just needs to get off to a good start and hopefully we get him some runs.

Agreed! Let’s hope for a win.

i’m all for that!! hope we jump on them right away.