Blaine Knight at the Tam auburn game

I didn’t realize the players had that much freedom of choice.thought they would all be at the hotel.

I’m sure they have a curfew to get back tonight, but it does the body good to get outside. These players have been in hotels for the past nine days. They need to get out of there as much as possible.

oh I agree! just didn’t know they allowed them that much freedom.

I thought it was good to see Blaine Knight at the ballpark! He may have learned something by watching. I’d rather him at the ballpark watching the games than at a mall just hanging out. He is a sharp focused young man. He did say he wanted to see Casey Mize pitch.

Well, after watching the interviews with Blaine, it’s pretty clear that he would be fishing if he weren’t at the game. :fishing_pole_and_fish:

It’s dangerous to fish with lightning. Also they have been fishing around a golf course. If you make tracks down a fairway they may frown upon it! I did see the picture of the bass he caught this week.