Blaine Knight arm fatigue

I can’t find the thread where this was asked last weekend, but someone asked me to check on Blaine Knight’s arm health and whether his struggle last week was from any arm fatigue.

I asked Blaine that question today and he said he feels “100 percent” and that last weekend was just a mater of not being able to keep his pitches down.

One thing that happens from game to game, the mounds differ. You see pitchers have trouble on the road and sometimes it’s related to the slope and feel of the mound. They are different. They are the same height, but how they are groomed and the moisture in the dirt does effect the feel for the pitchers. That sometimes has something to do with pitchers doing well at home and not so well on the road. I am not saying that happened to the Arkansas pitchers at Auburn, but it does happen. I can recall Dave Jorn saying that it sometimes is very different in the bullpens from what they see on the mound. They should be able to adjust, but sometimes it just throws you off enough that you don’t locate or are high with your release point.

The first thing that happens to pitchers with fatigue is that the ball stays up. Don’t know if that was the case Friday (well all weekend), but have heard that for as long as I can remember from people who know pitchers.

One thing is certain. Razorback pitching was very, very bad last weekend. It cannot be repeated if they are going to win anything. They gave up too many runs Saturday, but won. T ball teams often give up less runs than they did Friday and Sunday. Has to be much better and they know that. If it was arm fatigue, can they recover in a week? Weather this weekend may turn out to help.

after last week when he was hittong no more than 91-92 tonight its 95 which makes me think our gun is fast but glad he feels good

The one I’ve thought has shown fatigue is Trevor Stephan. I still think that. He has been 90-92 for most of his pitches in this struggle of a first inning. He hit 95, but never anything but high on top velo. When he was down in the zone, it was not electric. Earlier this year, he was hitting 95 on almost all of his pitches and with a burst of 96-97. And, that was after the gun was re-calibrated.

I can’t imagine DVH sticking with Trevor in the 2nd inning. But, on the other hand, he might not have much choice but to hope he can settle down & get a few innings without allowing any more damage.

Well, Trevor has indeed settled down & pitched well the last 3 innings. But we haven’t done anything toward reducing that 4 run deficit.

Missed a great opportunity in B6.