Blackshear visiting Hogs today

From everything I read, Muss likes his 4 to be a three point shooter. I don’t think Chaney is there yet. So, he will have to back up Blackshear rather than start. That is the way I see it.

Agree with that,

One of the best parts of his game is his passing. 3 1/2 times the assists that Gafford had. He immediately makes Joe and Jones (and other shooters) better because he’s a willing and capable passer out of the post, back to the open man.

Is this real life yall?

I could see him and Chaney on the court together a lot.

I’m just not going to get my hopes up. Don’t want to be disappointed. But cudos to muss for even getting him on campus.

I think the deciding factor will be how he sees the playing time vs. other schools.

If that’s the case, then he’s a lock for us.

I’m hoping he gets to go the baseball game to see how crazy our fans are about the Razorbacks…regardless of sport.

From reading whispers on the twitter, to me it seems we have the best shot at landing him. I feel very optimistic about it. It would be a great pickup.

I agree Lynnsanity but do wonder…why didn’t he go to Florida 3 years ago then? They were good 3 years ago too so maybe that won’t play into it. Who knows but would love to have him!

I agree and don’t think it has any affect on Chaney. Besides, from all I have heard Chaney loves Muss too! I think it would be more concerning for Ethan Henderson than Chaney.

Not to be mean, but it would likely mean Adios Adrio.

agree 110%, instant starter on this team and would get a TON of playing time!

When the Musselman to Arkansas rumors first surfaced I had him at the top of my wish list because of his experience and connections to the NBA. Practically every recruit wants to play in the NBA and having a college coach who has coached there is a huge advantage. Musselman will not get them all but I think we are already seeing the benefit of his NBA connections. Additionally, remember that his two assistants have the NBA background as well.

He was freaking All ACC. I’ll take all of that.

Who wouldn’t. No brainer.