Blackshear visiting Hogs today … -arkansas/

Now if we get Blackshear…

That will make 16 on scholarship? If CEM pulls this off we are an instance contender in the SEC!


Rich you have to feel good since they got him on campus huh???

I do see where he was at Florida recently. Hopefully he commits today!

As I’ve as 10000000 times.

RD= Chess
Everyone else= Checkers

bigtime player! lot of great schools after him…will be an incredible job by Muss if he can pull this off,he’s the exact kind of inside presence we are going to have to have to get back on the national scene.

The article says his old VT coach left for TA&M. Why would he not end up there?

I think this is going to be fascinating to watch.

Coach Muss and the university has bet the future of the program that the UofA is the place to come for the best shot to get to the NBA.

He will not find a more pro NBA staff and better facility in the country.

I don’t think the kid is looking for a bag of money or he would be visiting different schools. I don’t think he has a regional loyalty to anywhere. He only want to transfer to a school that gives him the best chance at being drafted.

This will be kind of a litmus test if this type of recruiting is going to work or not.

I think we have a great shot at landing this kid. Will be surprised if we don’t land him.

Honestly Arkansas and Florida are the best fits. He can step right in and fill a huge void. Florida has the edge with the hometown, Arkansas has the edge with a staff whos know for developing guys and using an NBA style approach/connections, which we are learning is a huge sell to the grad transfer market. Of course they want to win, but they want to go someplace that in one year can really improve the draft stock.

Hopefully the catfish hole and maybe a call from Lebron (favor for Moser) can win him over. :smiley:

Obvious need, especially with Connor needing a waiver. If he does get a waiver and Blackshear comes maybe add another shooter. It’s on!

I really hope you are right. I also tend to agree with you, UNLESS, he has visited, or plans to visit TX A&M. If he takes a visit to A&M, I think they would have to be the front runner.

Pretty amazing just to get him on campus. If he signs him then Wow just Wow.

Not by enrollment date, lol. One to medical, one is walking on, and one will leave.

We were all wondering why Muss is not bringing in any bigs. Here we go. He had this going while we were wondering.

Blackshear is not great, but he is better than good. Not good news for Chaney.

Do what? He’ll come in and be the top big in the SEC next year. Serious Candidate for SEC player of the year, just like he would be if he stuck around in the ACC.

FWIW, he leaves tomorrow.

I disagree on the not great part.

I think it would be very good news for Chaney. He wouldn’t be pigeon-holed into just the 5. He may start (or play a lot) at the 4 and back-up the 5.

It probably depends on your definition of “great”, but Blackshear would be the best player on the Razorback team this season as soon as he sets foot on campus.

He is low post stud on almost on par with Williams at Tennessee. You don’t see to many of these kinds of back to the basket monsters in college…

I guess it depends definition of “great”. I was thinking more about the lottery pick great. He is definitely very good. He is rated the #1 grad transfer. Don’t mean to demean his talent. He plus experience of Moss, Cylla, Whitt and a year of experience for returning players puts us in contention for the SEC. No doubt about that.