Blackshear to

And once again we need one thing to happen to really turn a corner and it doesn’t happen. The best goes on.

What in the @### does he see attractive about Florida??? This reeks of $$$

Florida has a competitive team adding 2 McDonalds AA. We have to become competitive first.

Yes, in addition Florida returns Andrew Nembhard, Noah Locke and Keyontae Johnson. Remember them? Should be a Top 10 ranked team prior to season opener.

Not surprising. White’s been in the transfer market since he’s been at FL. He got Rick Barry’s kid 3 years ago. Then the last 2 seasons he had the 2-year transfer guard, who led the team in scoring his first year, then struggled this past year, but came on strong at the end of the season.

Unfortunately, with the guys they’re returning, their freshmen class, and now Blackshear, they’ll be a top 3 team in the SEC, and could certainly win it all.

It sucks though. If he’d come here, we could be saying the same thing about the Hogs.

Ok I get it…so tired of being a nobody in Basketball and FB…have to be patient and I’m running out of it.

I believe it was Lynnsanity, maybe it was another poster, but they had made a brilliant observation that transfers are committing to the first school they visit. Well, the trend continues. Blackshear’ first visit was to Florida. The Florida visit was unofficial, but the only difference between official and unofficial is who pays for the visit.