Blackshear off the board?

DTS reported that the three finalists for Blackshear are Kentucky, Tennessee and A&M.

Could Drivetime break anything? Is this from a legit source? Saw someone tweet this yesterday that was from a “bluechip” service. Hope it isn’t legit! Thanks for info! ghg

KB ain’t talking and until Musselman quits following him on twitter i’ll cling to the hope that we still have a chance.

They didn’t talk like they were breaking it. They were just talking with Trey Biddy as if it was widely known already. After that I checked this forum and was surprised that there was nothing of this already on the board.

This “guess” by Chris Dortch would appear what their “source” might be.

I don’t expect him to end up here, but I don’t think he is off the board yet. … pro-adidas

Out of curiosity, has he signaled he’s not coming here, or do we think he likely goes to a Kentucky or TN because better programs I wonder?