Black uniforms and Slobber Hog

Question/comment about branding consistency:

Cardinal and white are the school colors and, thus, critical brand elements allowing fans and others to identify the UA brand. Yet, we wear dark grey/black/anthracite, which are not associated with our brand.

Slobber Hog is not associated with our brand - in as much as it does not conform to the primary Hog logo implemented circa 2001. As a consequence, Slobber Hog has been removed.

Why is it okay to be non-conformist with respect to uniforms but not with Slobber Hog?

P.S. I ask this on the football board since anthracite uniforms are primarily used (or, in my case, perceived to be used) in that sport.

As a fan I have never, not one time, had any trouble identifying our brand. Those colors are our colors now and apart of our brand. It doesn’t get more official than wearing them and we have for awhile now. I personally hope we add more.
The Slobber Hog should be also be apart of that. I would love to see it on our court and on our field from time to time, don’t know how that would happen but I could figure something out. I would also like to see a black alternate basketball uni with a Slobber Hog on it, any color for that matter.
Chome finish, matte, black red white anthracite helmets would all look glorious with a Slobber Hog on them from time to time.

There have been several times where, if I didn’t know I had just tuned into an Arkansas game, I would not have known it was Arkansas on the field/court. To each his his/her own.

We’ve worn anthracite a few times in hoops too. Remember a few years back when Qualls hit a three with 2 seconds left to beat Vandy at Nashville? He was wearing anthracite.

By the way, Slobber Hog has never been associated with our football program in any way. The original Helmet Hog was not as sleek as the current porcine version, but it was not slobbering.

Yes, you’re correct on both points.

We did have football players play basketball on it.

But it should have been associated with football. Yet another wrong to make right. This should be the year. New football coach and staff free Slobber Hog T’s for everyone! Slobber Hog bobblehead night! It would be awesome.


That’s the spirit!

I would not be surprised if the slobber Hog is on the way back. Just a feeling I have.

Clay,Sure hope u r right about Slobber Hog

As always… it’s ALWAYS about the money and THAT will determine if its back or not.

I love your feelings, Clay. Your feelings make my feelings feel good.

That’s a good feeling to have.

I nominate gashog to unveil it (hopefully on Nolan Richardson Court).

Gas has been consistent and vocal about bring back slobber Hog.

Go Gas!

Common sense says Slobber Hog is needed on that court. And I think common sense is returning in UA administration.