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I just know that Coach Muss knows what to do with big guards. I know he also knows what to do when he has a lot of talent on the same team. So I feel like me, and Nick and Jordan; and everyone else they have right now would play well together. And I think he would do a good job of making us play unselfish.


Man, that sounds good! You just know Bobby, Moses, and the boys are gonna be working on him. Hope the Hogs and fans put on a show tomorrow. I’m so pumped!


He’s supposed to arrive in Fayetteville in about 40 minutes.

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I guarantee the fans will be there to greet him!

Wishing him safe travels and hope he has a great time today and that when he makes his decision it turns out to be everything he’s dreamed of it being. WPS

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Amen to that Hogbacker and well said!!! I too hope the family atmosphere and unreal fans in the Bud show him where home is and he becomes a Hog!!! He is going to have so many Pros chatting him up it will be unreal!

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He should see a good one today.

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I always think that it is very important to source material and give credit to the writer.

The summation above is from Joe Tipton’s article for On3.

I know that Richard and I hate it when somebody takes out stuff and does not give it credit or the proper sourcing.

I spent a lot of time yesterday to get in touch with Duncanville head coach David Peavy and confirm Anthony Black was indeed visiting.

A few seconds later, people were stating it as a fact without attributing it to Coach Peavy via myself.


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