Black making 'winning plays' for Arkansas in recent SEC run

In Arkansas’ loss to Alabama, Anthony Black had probably the most frustrating game of his young college career. He’s been strong in SEC play since that night. Wrote on his recent play, the impact his passing has had on the Razorbacks’ offense, and his toughness:

I wonder if he would consider coaching after a lengthy NBA career. He seems really zeroed in on the game of basketball. I’m sure glad he is playing for our Razorbacks, with an assist from Nick.

If AB can develop his shooting, he could be a great NBA player. He has all the tools except for a great shot. I sure wish he would come back next year, but I know that is not going to happen. I do appreciate him giving his all this year. He will be fondly remembered for his short career on the hill.

I see AB’s three point shot continually developing. In a few years I think he will have a more than acceptable make percentage in the pros.

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