Black hitting well on the 3 is huge going forward ------------

---------------- because we are going to need the three to be one of our weapons. Council, Brazille, Walsh, & Devo have shown glimmers of three potential. Add improved shooting by them and Black to Smith and we may be OK.

I watched Gonzaga, Baylor, and several others who had consistent three point shooters plus length and athleticism. I did not see our intensity of defense, so far, but I missed watching Texas Tech play and some say they are similar to us.

If we can make them respect our three point shooting going forward, we are going to be very hard to beat! Go Hogs!


Basically we have four people who are shooting well and several who aren’t so far (and one of those three is Pinion). Ricky, AB, Brazile and Walsh are all hitting at least 36%. Devo is shooting 15% and nobody else has made one.

But we’re also holding opponents to 24% from deep, which helps a lot.

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I completely agree. Black, Council, Brazile and Walsh hitting a decent percentage of the 3-ball is HUGE. Because if they can just command SOME respect we are gonna kill people going downhill. Esp. when Nick comes back.

This is gonna be a terrific team. Final Four contender. Of course, its college basketball. One and done in the tourney. One never knows.


Very fun to watch regardless, Robbie.

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Nick Smith can shoot 3’s also, can’t he guys?

In the Jordan Brand all-star game he went 5-for-7 from deep.

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I love Council’s old school set shot three! Outside of end of shot clock, half, or game, I would like to never see us take a three with someone having a hand in our face or making a move to get one off. We don’t have that type of three point shooters. I do think we have guys that can knock down catch and shoot threes at a more than acceptable percentage though. I want them to take every good catch and shoot three they get.

I can’t wait when he is able to play

This! It will spread the defense out and it will be a dunk-feast. Same thing will happen if any team thinks about putting a press on us -

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Wound up 8 for 20 on threes tonight. After 0-5 in the first half

Devo is shooting 15%

Which is why i didnt have a good feeling when he ended up with our last gasp 3 to tie it.

What are you talking about?

Council missed with 13 seconds left.

AB made it with 4 seconds left.

AB missed the halfcourt heave at the buzzer.

That was council in the corner? Thought it was davis. If that shot goes we dont have to foul. Maybe we get a stop and get ot.

Yep it was Council. Got the play we wanted; AB drove and dished for the open corner trey. RC4 just missed it. It happens. He makes it, we might win, although the refs might have found some way to bail Creighton out. However if he makes it OT is a very good possibility (although Creighton was shredding us in the halfcourt).

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And with Nicks return Blacks shot will loosen up. Relax guys.

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Looked at the stats this morning and was surprised Black only had one 3-pointer. He hit one with a couple of seconds left. I thought he had at least one more earlier in the second half. Scrappy finish for sure, but I agree with others, our foul troubles, caused by poor refs or not, was our downfall. Once they got into the bonus, the die was cast. Still, I thought we might wear them down in the last couple of minutes.

I have heard the rims are looser in Lahaina, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference, but I have been encouraged by Arkansas’ three-point shooting the past couple of days. The Razorbacks are shooting 38% from deep in Hawaii.

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Devo and Council both had good looks from 3 in the corner in front of Arkansas’ bench. Just didn’t fall. That happens. In a game with a lot of impressive offense, Council’s shot making on jumpers was pretty remarkable. He hit 2 threes and at least 4 mid-range jumpers. These are some of the notes I had on Council during the game:

  • OTB MR FT line, 18-24
  • OTB MR FT line, 20-26
  • CnS MR FT line, 26-32
  • OTB MR RE, 41-43
  • Key 3, 46-45
  • RW 3, 53-51
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This is really encouraging. Without Smith, our 3 point shooters are starting to settle in and hit at an improving rate. That bodes very well for the rest of the season. Go Hogs!