Black Friday bracketology

Per Joe Lunardi tweets:

1 seeds, in order: Houston, Texas, Zags, UNC
2 seeds in order: UVa, KU, Zona, Bayluh
3 seeds in order: Indiana, Creighton, Arkansas, Bama
4 seeds in order: Duke, Tennessee, Illinois, San Diego State

Other SEC teams:

Auburn #17 (5 seed)
Kentucky #21 (6 seed)
Moo U #36 (9 seed)
Rebnecks #44 (11 seed)
LSU #46 (12 seed)
Florida: First four out
TAM: Third four out.

He must not think Arkansas will finish 5th in SEC like some.


And, right on cue, both NC and the Zags lose today. Purdue annihilated the Zags by 20. Bama also lost by 15 to UConn today after looking unbeatable yesterday.

The field in Maui is looking better every day.

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Those Woolly Mammoths that want Muss fired for any reason need to go play in the dirt and become extinct.

Kansas lost too.

who are the people that want Miss fired? just curious. are they posting this on twitter cuz I’m not seeing any fire Muss threads on any message boards

My guess would be that by bunch from Jonesboro that hates everything UA

Oh no. There are plenty of alleged Hog fans who get their jollies being as negative as possible. As soon as we lose a game, or don’t play well enough to impress them even if we win, the knives come out. You know, the same people who took out full page ads and hired planes to fly over RRS for Nutt.


Them’s not hog fans. Even if they go to school here or teach here. Also Lots of the academic teachers hate athletics because they are competing for dollars (in their mind) Try missing a class after a late game ……

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