Bla Bla Bla----add your own take on this

As I watched this season play out so far and now observe the many comments on this board from longtime die hard fans it is obvious many differing opinions are held by many–some observations on the radar screen–are many these are just a few

#1—Most would not be this upset if they didn’t have passion for their team
#2-- what really, really hurts is seeing what appears to be a lack of EFFORT
#3–hearing the same ole same oh --wait till next year…many are TIRED and have grown weary of the wait
#4-- Mike IS a Great guy! with a resume of Success at his two previous stops…for some reason it has NOT arrived here yet
#5–Mike is no Nolan–good or bad or indifferent He is not Nolan
#6–same story heard year after year about BETTER recruits are coming/–^b–attendance is pitiful…very sad cant blame weather
#7–Can’t afford to fire him $$$ and/or public perception–who could we get–No one would want to come here…lose recruits
#8 9 10–ya"ll can add your own as I am sure there are many more takes on this --BUT–with that said I HOPE we correct the :frowning: season and go dancing this year…I do HOWEVER think that barring some extreme Vetting(just a little humor there) that WE all

will be having this SAME discussion about the same subject the same time next year–BLA BLA BLA

  1. Bobby and qualls left early or we could have made the sweet 16 in Mikes 4th year.
  2. Set back last year but has managed to recruit really well through this process.
  3. Team had won five in a row, with a pretty outstanding road record before this slide.
  4. The slide is surprising to many of us so got to believe there’s something behind the scenes mike is doing thinking about the future health of this program.
  5. Season isn’t over.

Agree. Good points you added. Guess we will see how it plays out. Hoping for the best. But expectations are tempered

I have no idea what’s going on. It could be something as simple as being physically exhausted. Maybe they’re practicing too hard during the week & have lost their legs late in the season. Or maybe it’s not that at all, but something is amiss internally. Or maybe other teams have figured exactly how to play us & their knowledge is working for them this late in the season. Or maybe they just had a couple of bad games. I’m grasping at straws to find any reason to explain these last two games–or 3 of the last 4.

I like Mike Anderson. I want him to succeed. I don’t understand why so many people who don’t like a coach’s results feel they have to attack him personally. They treat him not like a good man who simply failed to meet expectations, but as some villain who assaulted their sister. However, I am afraid I’ve lost confidence in his ability to get us where we want to be. The season isn’t over, but one more loss, two at most, and it might as well be. Instead of a team that will make the NCAA, we’re now one that is almost certain to fall short. Maybe the smart move is to give him one more year, but right now I’d be hard-pressed to argue he needs year 7. (And it makes me sick to say it. I hope I’m eating crow on this 4 weeks from now.)

Other teams have figured it out! We wait until halftime to try to get ready to make a run. Then about the 8 minute mark we show a little fight.
I hope they can make some noise but it don’t look good!
Being a hog fan is a way of life for me. Win lose or draw. I hope we win now I don’t expect them to win any more
Like most of you I like Mike Anderson and want him to win. If it was up to me I would give him the next 2 recruiting cycles and see what the results are. We would not be better off with any other coach.
If Moses would stay down low and rebound it would help this team. With no more production than what he has had put someone else in and sit him a half. I’d do something to try to get things going.
This is a better team than what they have showed in the last 2 weeks.

All valid points except possibly one.
Any AD worth his salary has the money to make personnel changes that he deems necessary. When the fans started booing and the attendance continues to spiral and avid fans become indifferent…in the world of revenue producing sports…that is leaving money on the table.

I’m never comfortable calling for anyone’s job and I certainly won’t call for Mike’s. Whatever happens is going to happen regardless of how I feel about it anyway. I just want to see us relevant again. It seems that the state is really producing some great young players. I want those young men to be Razorbacks, but I also want to see them fully develop their talents and learn to live life the right way. Maybe Mike is good at part of that but not at the other. Maybe we can just run the table and make all of this a moot point. It could happen. Stranger things have.

Dunno what happened, However, a team this far into the season should be playing their best basketball (the team even had extra practices due to the overseas games). To me, this is on CMA and his staff. I’m sure Long will give CMA another season to produce. I hope he succeeds but, as others have stated, my expectations are low. His uptempo coaching philosophy has to change…his trapping defense gives up to many easy baskets and the offense relies too much on one on one basketball. Many times the games resemble what many call “street ball”. Yes, we will win games, but teams that are fundamentally sound will beat us the majority of the time. Sorry to say that but that’s where we are.

I believe you have nailed it. If teams know what the players are going to do, unless your team is much better than the other team, most likely you will lose.

Perhaps Moses is playing like he is coached to play. After all, he is double teamed a lot. However, it does seem to me that Moses doesn’t want to be a 5 and doesn’t want to be a 4. Instead he wants to be a 3. If that is true, then let him compete for the 3 position. If he is the best at that position, he starts; otherwise, he sits on the bench.