BJ Mack commits

South Florida. He had ties to one of the coaches on the staff.

So Richard who are our options for a PF/C now?

I know scholarships are short but are we looking at signing anybody besides Hill and Franklin?

Slim pickin’s at it keeps getting slimmer.

There’s some more bigs that will be coming out.

I thought you would be happy to get this news. I recall you were not happy that they were recruiting BJ because of his average star ranking.

Ya I didn’t think this was the kind of pick-up we needed, and I think that was likely part of all this (him committing to USF). However I take a look at recruiting from a common sense stand point and the fact the guy didn’t have any high major offers from his home state, a basketball state of riches, and him being in the mainstream big time playing for the widely popular CP3 team told me what I needed to know. Throw in the fact he wasn’t even in the top 247 playing on such a high profile team and that just adds to it.

I can’t put all my trust in the staff at this point because I feel like there are about 40-45 other staffs across the country I’d trust more in, and if those 40-45 staffs aren’t interested in a prospect that tells me what I need to know.

That’s interesting that you can find 45 coaches that you can trust more, because their aren’t 45 active coaches that have a better resume than Mike Anderson when your’e talking about wins and losses. Just seems like you’re looking for stuff to complain about. They just brought in a top 25 class that’s on campus now, they technically have 0 scholarship available, and you’re on here complaining because they didn’t land a guy you didn’t want them to land anyways… lol give me a break.

I said 40-45, of course you would go with the fact that I only said “45”. It’s actually likely more like 35-40 probably. I’m not talking coaching ability here, just on how well staffs recruit, though I’d probably put Anderson in the same range as a coach right now.

There is no denying the 2019 recruiting cycle has been a whiff fest as I’ve already covered here before for various reasons. The priority has always been finding a replaceable big because a spot was going to be open with Gafford leaving (everyone knows we are going to have spots open, just another lame excuse) and they whiffed on every prospect they went/after offered and we are still two months from signing day.

Ah, so now it’s 35-40 gotcha. And, again you realize the current recruiting class that’s on campus and haven’t even played a game yet was ranked #24 according to ESPN, and that’s not even including Ibby and Mason Jones as a part of the equation. I guess those remaining 10-15 coaches didn’t get the memo that they were better than CMA at recruiting. So, again why are you complaining when they don’t even have a spot available lol. Gafford is the only certain spot and Justice Hill is already committed for that scholarship. Garland and and someone transferring is just speculation that nobody (not even the staff) knows for certain yet. Yes, I’m sure they would like to get another big added, but let’s not make up stuff and act like the staff is desperate for players. They currently have a top 100 big man on campus that can replace Gafford as well as a late signee big man that Baylor and Georgetown wanted. I think we’ll survive missing out on BJ Mack, but nice try.

That is one class and one opinion. 247 had it rated 37th. I really do like this class but you have to consistently recruit at the level of the 2018 class to be where we need to be ( a top 20-25 program). Once I see consistently good classes but together back to back to back I’ll change my tune, but if seen this staff recruit for 8 seasons and it is not above criticism and we haven;t seen the consistently yet.

And once again. This is 2018. You are kidding yourself if you don’t think we’ll end up with at least two open spots. The goal was to get a high end big (a top 50-150 like guy) and they failed to do that. That’s just stating facts.

Of course we will survive on losing Mack, I said going after him was a step down weeks ago.

I’ll go with the biggest service and the service that is playing all of our games which is the SEC/ESPN Network. That’s also the service they’ll use when they talk about kids in the McDonald All-American games, Jordan Brand Classics, Dick Sporting Good Tournament and any other major event that’s of any importance. So I think they are pretty credible :slight_smile: and our 2017 and 2018 classes were both in the top 25 according to them. And 2016 class would have been as well but ESPN doesn’t rank JUCO players which we had 3 of the top 6 nationally. So, your theory that the staff can’t recruit has been debunked the last 3 classes.

And also just because you say something is a fact doesn’t mean it is a fact, you been watching too much TV and politics lately. Facts are based on things that HAVE ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND CAN BE VERIFIED. You don’t know what the staff’s goal is because I’m sure they didn’t share it with you and they certainty haven’t failed considering the early signing period hasn’t even started LOL. RD even mentioned more names are coming out. On another board right now there’s discussions that they are recruiting a kid that was a 4-star in the 2018 class but reclassified. So why don’t you sit back and let things play out instead of embarrassing yourself.

247 is suppose to be the most reliable at this point, as stated by most that keep up with recruiting but keep saying the facts the way you seem fit.

As I have said before we can agree to disagree. You think Anderson can do no wrong and is a top notch coach. I think he is a top 35-40 coach who is at a top 20-25 program. Not bad by any means but needs to be better.

Lastly if you don’t think missing and not even getting a visit from EVERYONE you have offered that is a top 50-150 player ( a total of 10-12 players) isn’t whiffing then I don’t know what is.

I have better things to do than continue to argue with someone on a message board. It’s pointless and a waste of time, but I will continue to chime in with my opinion that has hit on everything so far since I’ve been around.

Who in the world told you 247 is the most reliable? Because I asked a few different people that actually cover recruiting because I was curious myself and I was told by each one of them that they all have their pros and cons. So, if you could please let me know the national analyst that told you that, and I have some questions for him as well. Because ESPN is the one most mentioned when you talk about national relevance, that’s not even debatable.

And please name all 10-12 players they offered and the staff didn’t make their cut. Because apparently you know more than ESPN, 247, Rivals, Hogville, Wholehogsports, Verbal Commits, and anyone else that keep a record of who the Hogs offered because none of those sites have us as having 12 offers out right now. Verbal commits, who even keeps up with old offers, only has us having 5 offers out right now and that’s including guys that were offered early and staff moved on from like Jason Jitobah and Victor Iwaukor. And that news was reported by Kevin McPherson it was the staff who moved on, but what does he know he only talks to the kids, coaches, and recruiting services, but obviously you know more, maybe you should share what you know with your “40-45” coaching staffs you trust.

And if you have better things to do please go do them, because I find it sad that someone would waste their time being negative when there’s nothing to be negative about. You literally said you didn’t think the kid was good and didn’t want him to come here, then when it’s announced he’s not you bash the staff. What kind of sense does that make.