Bison win 8th NC in Frisco, TX

NDSU wins! Jan is ecstatic! We started to go, but saw the weather forecast and stayed home–and the whole game was blacked out here due to tornado warning coverage on our local abc station.

Tell Jan Congratulations!

It was quite a game, the Bison picked off a pass on the last play of the game, in their own end zone. They were leading by 8 at the time.

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I like watching North Dakota State play. I typically see about two or three of its games each year, usually in the playoffs. The team always seems to be well disciplined; doesn’t beat itself. I think it is interesting that three different head coaches have been part of the eight championships and the last two were promoted from within. And NDSU is starting to win recruiting battles with some FBS schools. The starting QB this year is a freshman who got an offer from Boise State just before signing day.

As a side story, my wife and I stayed in Frisco on the day of the FCS championship game last year. It was eye opening to see how many people made the trip from North Dakota. The game today had a lot of fans from JMU, but it was a majority NDSU crowd. Last year’s game vs. Eastern Washington was overwhelmingly in favor of NDSU. The stands were almost entirely yellow.

Both these teams are good, lot of D1 teams don’t want any part of them, not your typical rent a win for sure.

The Grad Student I am helping with at CSU did his undergrad work at NDSU. He follows them as close or closer than any D1 follows. Their home filed is very unique, The Fargo Dome. It is a fun place to watch a game. By far their biggest rival is SDSU. I love calling on both of those schools. It has been fun to learn more about those programs.

Quite a few, if not the majority, of those from Fargo traveled by bus overnight and return by bus, without staying one nite in Frisco.

My sister lives about a mile from the stadium in Frisco and we considered going and then looked at the weather forecast. Weather was worse than the forecast to begin the game at 32 degrees with sleet, then snow. Jan is from Fargo, so no issue with her, but I’m from LR and now Tuscalooser and we don’t see snow.

This Championship game (in Frisco) is always played on a day that Arkansas has a basketball game on TV; so, I’m always at the Dallas Watch party (BWW in Addison) on that day. It’s become a "ritual’ that after the Championship game in Frisco, some NDS fans start wandering into BWW.

Just today, I got to BWW about an hour before the Arkansas game because I know with NFL playoffs (whether or not Dallas is involved in the playoffs), this weekend is packed there - so I need to get there early to get a table for my watch party group. Today, I nested at a small table (too small for my group) next to a couple of NDS fans (easy to spot) and struck up a conversation with them, complimenting them with comments similar to those in your post, Matt. Then, when they left, I took over their table and added it to ours…

I made a suggestion to them - they need to get with some of their NDS buddies and buy an apartment complex in Frisco; then tun it into a time share in which they get 3 days a year and then rent them out the rest of the year. It would save them a LOT of $$$ in hotel bills, and they’re up hear EVERY year anyhow! They thought it was a pretty good idea (the way land values are exploding in Frisco, it really would have been a FANTASTIC idea about 7 years ago).

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