Bishop says he'll come to school


Wow! This kid has a lot of potential.Thompson will have to break him of some bad habits he’s developed and if he can do that the sky is the limit. I have never seen this much talent on one team for us. I don’t think we can keep them all I expect some to transfer pretty quickly but we have to do it we have to do.

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Tremendous athlete. Looks great in a uniform. Has lots of natural OF skills. If his work ethic will match his measurables and potential, the sky is the limit.

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As expected.,

Leverage, hell of a tool…

This is better for him bc he wasn’t going to start next yr anyway…best of luck to him

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I agree with you. Not surprised to see this development.


Well that tweet of his didn’t age well. Best of luck to him and would have loved to have seen him in the Hog uniform.

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