Bishop has “all the things” Hogs want at cornerback

LaDarrius Bishop is listed as one of Arkansas’ starting corners for Week 1. Why did he get the nod?

“He’s got all the things that we’re looking for at that position,” Barry Odom said. More:

LaDarrius Bishop > Bishop Sycamore

Dudley made a similar comment last night when I told him I was going to write about Bishop. That whole deal has turned into one of the wildest stories I’ve ever read.

I’m reminded of the story of Plainfield Teachers, a mythical college football team from New Jersey which was the subject of a hoax during the 1941 football season. But Plainfield was purely someone’s imagination. Bishop Sycamore is a mythical high school with something that resembles a football team.

One of my Arkansas high school football Twitter follows yesterday brought up the Village Academy Beavers prank from a while back, too. I remember hearing about that years ago, but it was fun reading over all the details again.

That’s right. I’d forgotten about Village Academy.
I think there’s a T-shirt shop that sells Village Academy shirts.


I had not heard about Village Academy. Very funny story! Thanks, guys.

I’m not quite on the Bishop train just yet. I want to see him become a much better tackler and cover man. The speed they’re talking about I want to see him become a shutdown corner. Hopefully he can do that, that would be huge for this defense.

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