Bishop flips from Dogs to Hogs … dogs-hogs/

Fantastic. Keep the good ones home. More please.

Big get!!

Wonderful news! Home grown hog staying home!


Wow. Big pick-up. Hog Futures are up big time.
Glad he will stay home and be a Razorback.

Dropping the Sledge hammer!! WPS!!!


agree…but first you have to offer them

new Coach is capable of! We didn’t have a chance with the previous Staff

We captured the Bishop. Checkmate Lil Dawgies!

So happy for LaDaerius and Arkansas.


As I posted last summer, this recruiting loss to Arkansas was significant. Without making any accusations or assigning blame, I just made the point that Arkansas would regret losing him. Some did not like that I said that, but it was true.

And being a fan of this kid, I was happy for him and rooting for his success at MSU, which some did not like. But it’s easy to not like that when you don’t know the kids.

I think he was the best high school player in Arkansas last season – I’m a little biased, but I’ve watched him in person many times, and he’s an impact player without question.

Had Mullen not gone to Florida, I don’t think we would have gotten him. He really liked State, but all that changes when the coaches leave. Losing Mullen is going to really hurt Miss State.

Fantastic. Keep the good ones home. More please.[/quote:3sum0x09]

Losing Hanspard is not as devastating now. He imo was our top defensive player committed.

I love this coaching hire. Having a coach who literally knows all the HS coaches in Texas, and has coached at the HS level, and arguably won more state championships and in higher classifications than the great Malzahn did in Arkansas.

I like his energy, enthusiasm and philosophy. I don’t care about the X’s and O’s. They all know those. I just want him to re-vitalize the offense first, then reshape the defense. I’m 75 years old and have been dreaming of a consistently quality team for 40 plus years. Did I say I love this hire?