Birth of a New Razorback

I know Jeremiah is too busy to post it so I will for him. Ginger and Jeremiah Gage are proud new parents of a baby boy. Wyatt Gage came into the world on Thursday morning. He’s 8.5 pounds and 21.5 inches long. They should go home from the hospital on Saturday if all is well. So far, so good. Ginger had an emergency C section but everything else was normal. I do know that Wyatt has drawers of new Razorback gear ready for him so he’ll be sharp for the tailgates this fall. I visited them in July and know he’s got a neat Razorback room. There are not greater Razorback fans than Ginger and Jeremiah. Some may not know it, but Ginger’s mom and Wyatt’s grandmother played for one of the early Lady Razorback teams. She is just under 6-2. I think Ginger may be just under 6-0. I bet Wyatt is a tall one. Ginger and Jeremiah live in Loveland, Colo. I have two daughters and no sons. I’ve always said Jeremiah is as close to a son as I have in this world. I am not related to little Wyatt, but I will proud to be his Uncle Clay.

Proud papa!


I second that Wax. Very happy for all three of them–four, if you include Uncle Clay.

Congratulations Gage. Always a blessing to see the arrival of a new baby.