Billy Sonnier

Committed to us?

Who is this?


Ok, I just seen where he put committed and him in a Razorbacks uniform on Twitter. Now it says not official.

Ok, now he puts not official.

Something I haven’t seen before.

2019 DE from Lafayette, LA

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He tweeted a picture of himself in a Razorback uniform and it said “Committed :100:” but was quickly deleted.

My URL works.

The first one said committed. He might have deleted that one and retweeted the ‘not committed’ one?

When I saw it said “commuted- not official” :joy:

I am still showing committed on my Twitter.

Nothing to it right now.

Is he really trying to commit or is he playing Razorback fans on Twitter?

Not sure.

Looks like he may officially commit to us at 4.

Really odd, I don’t think he’s even visited, but hey, I’ll take it!!

He says he’s now officially committed.

Something about all this don’t seem right to me. It seems like he’s just having fun.

It doesn’t seem right to me either. I’ll take his word, but I’m going to be very cautious. At least until RD confirms it.