Billy Ferrell?

I may have missed the answer on this one, but why is CCM unsure about Billy Ferrell being back in the spring?

I think he had micro-fracture surgery on a knee, and I’m not sure when he had it. As I understand it, the success rate and recovery time for micro-fracture surgery is more of an unknown than the meniscus and ACL/MCL surgery that football players more often undergo.

I’m not positive about the surgery, I know he’s had knee trouble. Some of the medical types on the board might be able to give some more accurate info about micro-fracture surgery.

That’s an accurate summary. Delicate knee surgery that takes a long time on the rehab end. I do think he will be back at some point this spring, but not sure if it will be at the start.

Hate it for him and us,he’s a beast! you get him and the incoming walker and Jackosn you got 3 studs,really like enoch jackson,reminds me of Warren Sapp.

thanks yall