Billy Ferrell??

How is he progressing in his redshirt year?

You’re aware that he is rehabbing microfracture knee surgery? It is supposed to be difficult to come back from these…

As good as it can be.

It’s a tough deal and it either works or it doesn’t.

We’ll see.

He also had to work on his weight. Heard they’re making progress. Should be good to go next year.

The knee surgery Ferrell had is about as tough as they get. He’s doing well. I do not expect him to play this season.

I have never heard of someone fracturing their knee in Football…I wonder how this happened?I hope we get him back b/c he and the new recruits Jackson and Willams are all bigtime recruits.especially Jackson!

Microfracture is a surgical technique that has been developed to treat chondral defects, which are damaged areas of articular cartilage of the knee. It is a common procedure used to treat patients with full thickness damage to the articular cartilage that goes all the way down to the bone.

It’s been pretty common in athletes the last 15 years or so and is probably the worst knee injury to have. Most don’t come back as they were before the injury. Very hard injury to recover.

Here’s a good article about this injury and how hard it is to return to form: … ry-2014-12

Oh Ok I see…I thought he broke his knee! I know Clowney is playing very well right there is hope for him…thanks for sharing.

I guess it depends on what you consider the “knee”. If you are talking about just the Patella, that is limiting the definition. A common fracture, which I also had playing football, is a plateau fracture of the head of the tibia, which as far as I know is part of the knee joint. It is usually caused by a lateral blow to the knee.