Billy Donovan, Mike White and Florida

I can’t image Florida will be very patient with Mike White. Very surprised they’ve underperformed and aren’t in the spotlight like they should be. I’ve heard people talk about Donovan being offered job at UCLA. Can’t imagine he’d go there before going back to Florida, but I’m not really sure if he even wants to go back to college. OKC has lost it’s luster and if he isn’t going to get a better NBA job, do you guys think he’d go back to college? If so, would he go to UCLA over FL, like Saban coming back to BAMA. Seems like a similar deal?

I’m not surprised. I don’t think Mike White is a bad coach, but I thought Florida was out of their mind hiring him. Just because they are Florida, I knew they’d recruit well, but like Avery Johnson at Alabama, White is trying to out do what other coaches in the league do better and it wouldn’t surprise me if Florida falls on their face this season.