Billing questions

OK . . . so I’m here. I see the posts about canceling my Scout subscription.

So, how and when are we billed here - and is it the same amount? Is there an auto-renew feature (as there was at Scout) and - if so - does it know when to renew me (and others)?


Take a look at the FAQ page pinned at the top of this board. Hopefully that will answer your questions. Send me an email if you have further questions, please.

Thanks; I guess you were posting that link about the same time I was typing in my question.

I have now looked at it and did not see an answer to this question: I have been an annual subscriber for many years now. I did not see an annual price as an option going forward. Only the $15/month option. Is this correct? If so, this means that in August, when my current annual subscription runs out, i will start paying $180/year to access this site and forums where I was paying $99/year?

Pardon my mistake if I am incorrect in that quick analysis.

Wiz’s question about the extreme price increase Matt Jones answered needs to be clarified quickly, please. Doubling your price will have an impact on a bunch of us.

At this time there is no annual subscription option for this site.

Es muy malo . . . :shock: . . . an 82% price increase was not what I expected when I logged in today.

I will say that Clay has been more than kind to me over the years, and I don’t begrudge him cashing in on his site. I just have to evaluate if I can justify staying here, even after all of these years/posts, at that price.

I have been cutting back on a lot of expenses and there’s no way I can stay a premium member at $15 a month. I hate being cheap and complaining here, but I think Clay et al need to know they will be losing customers.

Matt or Clay, I read this quote from Matt in the FAQs.

“Click here to register your subscription with powered by Hawgs Illustrated. We will honor all payments made to prior to June 27.”

This is my question regarding the wording of that statement:

Does this mean you are honoring the annual expiration date on my membership, which is Apr 5, 2017? Or does it mean you are honoring my payment ($99) toward your subscription price of $180, that as of now can only be paid monthly? If it is the latter, how in the world would you calculate when my date to make a payment to this site would be? It may be just me, but geez, this billing transfer is very confusing.

It was also mentioned I should cancel my Scout subscription right away after registering to this site. Does that mean that you have now captured my Scout payment ($99) and expiration date of 4/5/2017 and that is now part of my subscription information for this site?

Ditto. Same question I have.

Your subscription will be honored until it’s one year anniversary date. You are good to then. No need to do anything. You will need to cancel your scout subscription before the anniversary date so it doesn’t auto renew and then decide if you want to start paying $15 a month here when that time comes. I doubt very many will be doing that. Will be very interesting to see what happens.

My subscription was set to renew on July 8th. Looks like I have a much quicker decision.

I asked the same question about how this site would know when our existing year ran out and the switch to $15/mo started, and I don’t think it’s been answered yet. I assume - but don’t know - that somehow they have a file with all of our renewal dates.

As to price, I also asked essentially the same question earlier in this thread. Not in this thread, but in another, Clay made a statement that he thought $180 was “too much” for folks who have been paying $99 a year for several seasons, and hinted that he would probably offer some sort of concession to that group before long. Don’t know that he’s decided what that will be, or when he will. But I’m more than willing to give him some space and time to come up with something. My annual runs out this next month (July), so I hope it will be before then.

This is what I assume, no refunds from Scout for sure but was easy to cancel; but must call scout direct. Took two minuets and had email confirmation soon thereafter. My subscription ends in Sept. so assume billings will start at the time. $15 per months is pretty steep. I will evaluate after hav been o tis new board for a while.