Bill Walton

Calling USC / Auburn:

Bill: This is the best I’ve seen Johni Broome play!

Roxy: Bill, this is the first time you’ve seen Broome play …

Bill: Both of those statements are true …

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m one of the lonely few who think Walton’s great. Love his stream of cannabis uh uh conscious style.


Me, too … he followed it up by saying “Johni Broome is from Plant City, Florida … I love plants” :rofl:



Thanks guys for letting me know this game was on. Sure beats watching Tom Brady plod along.

Love me some Bill Walton.


He’s a joy to listen to.

I love Walton. Always something new. Never does announcer cliches. Plus I learn so much off-topic stuff. It is worth a price of ESPN subscription.

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I am very guilty of appreciating the humor of Walton and his warped perspective.

I always chuckle when I get a Walton game. I take it for what it is, a change of pace.

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The 60’s and 70’s were very good to Walton… drugs and great basketball.

And horrible feet. He’s been in constant pain for 50 years. No wonder he’s turned to self-medication.

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