Bill Walton is Just Plain Weird!

Didn’t get to watch the first 2 games in Oregon, but today is painful to listen to him. I thought you guys were just being picky about his comments the last 2 games, but this is just plain odd to endure.
Thank heavens for the mute button!

See it for what it is. No one in the country cares about this game. They have Walton on for his schitck. Who cares? Just watch and enjoy the Hogs play some great basketball. And, along the way, learn about the Columbia River watershed.

Learned today its bigger than the country of France haha

The split screen is annoying for those of us that just want to watch the game.

I’ll say one thing. BW will never run out of things to talk about when the game is a complete blowout. Like, say, this one. Up 38?

Give Walton a show on PBS called “Pontificing by Bill”.

I’m shocked ESPN encourages this…

Y’all just jealous of that man. Lol what a fun holiday tournament. Hogs are dialed in like Bill Walton on wheel of fortune :stuck_out_tongue:

I ALWAYS enjoy Bill Walton. He’s better some games than others, but I’ll stay tuned to hear him in games that don’t interest me.

I can’t imagine many people watching this who weren’t interested in the two teams.

I muted it, but I can’t stand the split screen. I’d have listened to Chuck & watched at the same time, but my TV was 10 seconds behind the radio. I can’t stand that much discrepancey.

I think he’s really funny. I think we are in good shape on well coiffed, schticky color guys with catch phrases and graphics.

I don’t need a color guy to talk non stop about the game for me to be able to watch it and enjoy it.

I think it would be fun to have a glass of water with him. Like Clay . I wouldn’t mind listening to him call a game I don’t care about. Never never never though, do I want him near another Arkansas game.

He’s a lot easier to listen to when you’re up almost 40.

I just don’t get why they show announcers on the screen so much. Let us listen to him. We don’t need to see him.

I do find it interesting that some folks find the Walton drivel entertaining. For my part he can go to the outhouse and do is drivel there. I would have liked to have heard a professional describe the Hogs effort on national TV, instead we got what we got, nothing! Like fellow posters, thanks for the MUTE BUTTON! Hope I never ever hear him again! ESPN just went down a couple of notches in their professionalism! OK, I feel better now.

I also like Bill. My only issue came when UConn cut it to 10 and had the ball. The next time they talked about the game was “oh by the way Arkansas has scored 19 in a row”.

I just listened to his 2-minute monologue on Gafford and balance and footwork and it was one of the most interesting explanations I have heard.

I can completely understand him getting on people’s nerves (I hated the split screen) but the visceral hatred for him seems really odd to me.

He’s very pleasant and fun-loving and enjoys sports and life.

He has the nerve to say what he thinks without sugar-coating it.

And, he crushed Goodman. There’s a lot to like (or at least not really, really hate) there.

I found a way around that delay. I play the Razorback broadcast using my Ark Gameday app through a bluetooth speaker. I can then pause the TV and/or audio to get them in sync.

I’ve neve been able to get my app to work

I thought the same thing on the balance commentary. Count me in as one who enjoys listening to him and I have for a long time. It’s a trip.

Just think about how much we have learned listening to Bill the last 3 days, as annoying as it is. most interesting color man around. I’ll listen to a guy that went 21 of 22 in the NCAA championship.