Bill Vickory?

If that is how you spell his name. On the way to Hot Springs Village to play golf he was on 103.7. First question. What does he have against Bo Mattingly? I must say it was humorous to hear him call him Tattoo time and time again. But he just slammed him for the question he asked coach in the post game press conference . Second question, this guy was just mean spirited. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve expressed my displeasure w the football program, but this guy hit below the belt time and time again. He was downright dirty. If I owned that station I would have fired him on the spot. I will never listen to him again. Pathetic. After about 15 minutes of listening to him spout off I finally cut it off. Who is this guy and what does he know about sports. I was disgusted.

You must not get out that much. I think Vickery is a genius. Really smart and funny, great history and memory of Razorback athletics, and tells it like it is. Acquired taste for some. I try to listen to him online each Sunday morning, as I’m in Dallas. The other shows on the Buzz are truly awful. But Vickery is great, even though we are not aligned politically. He’s probably got the only real edgy radio show in Arkansas.

Bo is fine. I listen to his podcasts. But he’s not as smart or quick on his feet as he thinks he is.

He is a Republican consultant/lobbyist. Went to school at Hendrix.

Been around him a few times - witty as Hell, loves the Hogs, well known in LR social circles.

I like Bill, can’t blame him for jabbing at Bo. Really dislike that guys show. I listened the other day when Bo was out and I believe his name was Bart, was filling in. Enjoyed it much more.

Bo rubs me wrong the way he dismisses everyone’s opinion as stupid if it doesn’t fit his talking point. Granted… I know some of the callers are a little nuts, but a lot of the times they bring up great points.

I actually like both. Bo is kind of the polar opposite of Randy Rainwater’s show. Bo’s show is a thousand times better about getting big name guests, that’s basically his show. His attitude toward callers is about like mine would be, just a nuisance to endure until you get another guest on. The moment he starts taking calls, I turn the channel. It’s the reason I won’t listen to Rainwater’s show, or any show that takes calls. I hate talk radio when the talking is the callers. Bill Vickory just likes to needle, he loves the Hogs, but he loves to needle even more. He’s a conservative with a sense of humor, which is often hard to find. I say that as a moderate slightly right leaning person myself.

Bill Vickery is a VERY good radio host. Enjoy his show a lot… I like Bo’s show better than DTS and converted over this season. DTS is way too biased.

Put me down as a fan of both. I wish I could get Bo’s show and I wish BV’s show didn’t conflict with my church time. There is plenty of politically correct radio out there if Bill V isn’t your cup of tea. The only reason to yank him off the air would be if ratings didn’t support the ad rates the station charges.

Bill is entertaining and can be funny. I could do without the junior high humor when he calls Bielema Bert and makes fun of his weight. I kind of lose him there. His comments about women is also something I have an issue with. I know women who will turn him off or won’t even listen.

I’ve listened to him before and never found it offensive but I thought he crossed the line numerous times in the 15 or so minutes I listened to him. And yes he did slam coaches weight as I recall. That’s a clip in football terms or a personal foul. Just not for me I guess. He slammed Mattingly. And of course the coaches.

I listen to Bill and enjoy his takes. He is not afraid to speak his mind. He will have his nemesis, John Brummett, on his show to discuss politics. Bill is a smart, witty guy. He can be cocky and arrogant, but so can most of us. If you are a liberal or Democrat…which I am not…don’t tune in. You won’t like his show. I think he is really funny.

Bo dishes it out daily…so he should be in line to take a little heat. He can handle it.

He’s also got very good taste in music. Some of the best bumper music in talk radio.

Best Vickery show ever was a dozen or so years ago when he had the brand new Miss Arkansas on the telephone the Sunday morning after she had won the contest. He asked her a series of really softball questions and she was utterly clueless on each one. I’m pretty sure pageant officials don’t let Miss Arkansas submit to interviews by Vickery anymore.

The man was willing to broadcast untrue rumors about my family with no attempt at verification. He is not my friend. He is forgiven.