Bill Snyder at LRTD Club today

What an incredibly impressive man. I can see why he is so well respected. Was asked about the future of Razorback football. He said he’s confident it will bounce back. I admit that’s what all of us would expect him to say whether true or not, but still, he said it.

What impressed me most about him from a coaching standpoint though, was how badly he started out. Of course, he started with nothing, but it still took him several seasons. His first season at KSU, they won only one game. It reaffirms my belief that we must be patient with CCM. I’m not predicting he’ll be the next Bill Snyder, but I am saying we can’t know one way or the other based upon 1 or 2 seasons when we know just how down we were after 2017.

Regarding recruiting, he said he was probably in the minority, but he thought it was more important to recruit players with character who wanted to play than those who had great talent, but might have character issues. If he’s right, it explains why some teams with few 4 & 5 star recruits end up winning as well as they do.

Snyder is a Bielema mentor. Bielema coached linebackers for Snyder and they both have roots back to Iowa under Hayden Fry. I’ve seen many games at Manhattan. Kansas State is sure evidence that you can get it done anywhere.

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I remember Wally trashing Snyder in a column (probably 20 years ago) for bringing in so many transfers.

It now looks like Snyder was ahead of his time.

I have a very different view of Billy Boy, he’s a bum. Yes, I’ve met him personally and if he was on fire, I wouldn’t (well you know the rest of the saying).

I was told by two different people he only allowed assistants one week of vacation each year. That’s mind blowing considering the work they put in.

If you left the office for an errand you had to sign out and back in when you returned.

No doubt one of the greatest coaches of all time considering what he did at K-State.

Yes, Snyder was one of those that thought 4 hours was enough sleep.

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Well, I don’t pretend I found out everything about him from his appearance at the LRTD, but I was nonetheless impressed with him from that short exposure.

I think he was more talking to me because I said I don’t like him. Personal issue. A couple face to face meetings that really, really didn’t shine the best light on him.

Obviously, most people don’t know a lot about him as a person, they’ve only heard a few stories or he’s been all business at a meeting, like today at the TD Club, I unfortunately have seen the other side. So, I’m sure most people’s opinions of him will be very different than mine.

I know he did an amazing job at KSU. Have always liked him, but have no idea about the other stuff

By the way, I’ve also met Saban away from football and media. The stories you hear about him are true. He’s a d…

not meaningful

Always respected Snyder as x and o guy.

I would expect him to say he recruited high quality kids and I’m sure he did.

But he had a reputation for recruiting junior colleges and others for recruits who did not get into D1 originally for academics and discipline areas of concern.