Bill Self and his Jayhawks.

Well the dirt is coming out. Bill Self was involved with providing cash to Billy Preston. He is the 5 star playing that sat on the bench last year and never got cleared to play by the NCAA.

Also Georgia Tech has been given a notice of allegations where improper benefits were given to a potential recruit. Similar to stripper gate at Louisville but a smaller scale.

Source? Link? I’m not finding anything.

yea link on this!

It was on the NCAA basketball site last night. Smaller article on the Kansas basketball site.
I haven’t seen anything on the TCU and Creighton mess yet! But both are under scrutiny and have assistant coaches that have been fired linked to the mess also.

Well, Mr. Long is facing a tough uphill run… fire Self and there could actually be riots and tanks on campus or retain and have the negative PR eat Kansas alive along with his vaulted reputation.

The only thing that I could find was this: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … corruption”></LINK_TEXT>