Bill exempting athletic contests passes

It was a 71-21 vote, but it passed. At least Razorback sports is not in imminent danger of getting booted from the SEC. However, I want to know who the 21 nay votes were. For that matter, I’d like to know who abstained. I’ll support whoever runs against any of them.

One person voted present. I guess the other 8 had better things to do, like happy hour at the Capital Hotel. I have no doubt that there were 21 cowards afraid of a negative rating from the NRA.

Maybe 29.

You may have a point there, Matt. I have no doubt that the other 71 are now concerned that the NRA will now funnel money to someone as their primary opponent in 2018, since the two-party system in Arkansas is now essentially dead.

Concealed carry on campus still remains in the bill. I don’t think the problem is totally licked.

I agree, but I’m optimistic we won’t see too many people carrying guns on campus. The whole law is stupid–I don’t want to see armed cowboys hanging out at tailgate parties, either–but I’m hopeful there won’t be any students walking around armed.

And I am hoping the Hogs finish this coming year 15-0.