Bill Connelly’s SEC power rankings

I enjoy reading Bill Connelly’s analysis. He uses facts without much BS. Here is a link to the article, which also has links to a preview of every team.

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His assessment of the Hogs is pretty fair. IMO

"Despite a culture change, it’s not hard to see Arkansas quickly improving offensively. The defense might be hopeless, but S&P+ projections (which ignore coaching changes and look only at recent performance, recent recruiting, and returning production) give the Hogs a chance at fielding a top-30 offense and a nearly top-50 team overall.

That creates a narrow path to six wins and a bowl. The Hogs are projected favorites in five games and are one-possession underdogs in four more.

Avoid an early stumble against Colorado State on the road and North Texas at home — easier said than done, if the offense is only in second or third gear — and Arkansas will carry bowl hopes into November. Considering how far the Hogs fell last year (and had been falling for a while), that should be considered a resounding success.

Even if this year ends up a struggle, Morris needed a year to get situated at SMU, too. And only his offensive line and maybe the secondary are particularly senior-heavy this year. I’m not sure what the ceiling is — eight wins? 10? more? — but I’m confident in Morris’ ability to get close to it soon."