Bill Clark & UAB vs. 75,000,000 $$ Coach … -shut-down

Maybe with their success UAB can grab a few of the highly rated State of Alabama recruits rather than the Tiggers or Tide. Here’s hoping.

Good feel good story. Hope they pull it off.

Of course, you can guess the “rebirth” I was thinking, hoping .

I hope UAB beats the Aggies. That would be a feel good story. Jim Bo is a win at all cost coach with no morals at all.

That would be great if UAB beats the Aggies & the Aggie faithful squirm with every check they write to Jimbo.

Jim Bo will find out pretty quick those rich oil men in Texas can get him bought out and sent packing in the blink of an eye. He better win more than 9 games a year and that championship he promised is a pipe dream.