Bijhon the Big One

I was shocked to read in El Presidente’s article that he has never started a game at Arkansas. Is this correct? Man I hope he steps it up this year.

It appears he will do better in this scheme instead of total gap control in RS’s 4-3

yes he defenitley hasnt lived up to the hype.I have my concerns as do we have a dominant NG that can demand DT and he appears to be our best shot,hope he is a beast because the 3-4 has to have that to be effective,

I think the NGs are going to be good. The key to me is finding enough DEs who can play effectively. Sosa will be a star, and there are several others who have intriguing ability, but we won’t really know how good the group as a whole can be probably until October. Until they get 3 or 4 games into the new system, it’s likely to be a hills and valleys thing for both the DEs and the OLBs. I think there is enough talent there to get us through the first month with enough good and big plays to make up for the inevitable mental mistakes and the need for the depth chart to shake itself out.

If you want to worry about the defense worry about the LB depth and the play at safety.

i hear ya Buzz,we have concerns thee for sure but if we cant gt a NG that will demand a DT weill get run on up the middle very badly,I coach the OL and if your center can block the NG by himself then our Lbs are gloinfg to get killed. I hope BJ steps up and is the man we thought he was.

Good point there and those safeties should be able to step up this year , they have had plenty of time to get it together.

Hopefully Bijon plays above and beyond his level of play so far. That said, there is a reason they were recruiting Javier Edwards so hard. His unexpected signing with Colorado was a real blow to our 3-4 plans.

Not sure if he can handle the position at the level we need, but he won’t come near it if he doesn’t shed the pounds and keep it off all season.

He knows that and talked about it this spring, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of shape he shows up in next week. He’d lost a decent amount of weight leading up to spring ball and then got nicked up, which slowed him the first few weeks.

I have heard good things so I am counting on a few influences to help Bijohn reach his potential this year
-He is a SR and this is his last chance to show out for the NFL
-The RS 4-3 version did not take advantage of his athleticism for a man his size. He was asked to be a plugger and that isn’t Bijohn.
-The 3-4 Rhoads defense is great for Bijohn and fits his aggressive capabilities
-The new defense gives Bijohn some very powerful - HOPE.

I hear he is very motivated by his love of the new defense and the fact that he is a Senior. I expect that he will drop some more bad weight during camp and become even better. Capps is also motivational for him in that there is a rotation that allows him to play harder instead of pacing himself and there is some competition too.

Hogtreat, what the heck has happened to Bijohn in the past two weeks?

Two weeks ago, Bijohn, according to you was a beast, “motivated by his love for the new D, getting ready to show his superior athleticism and aggressive capabilities to show out for the NFL”. This new look, 3-4 Defense was going to set him free. Now that Rob Smith was gone, as he was the only thing holding Bijohn back, Bijohn was going to “show out for the NFL”.

Fast forward two weeks, we hear from Clay (and Pat Jones) that Bijohn is overweight being blocked one on one by our second team center.

I have the same questions. We will know more after this 2 week period with no summer school so they can practice with focus and intensity. Strengths and Weaknesses will be exposed and that goes for Bijohn too. I pray that he does well as we sure need him to be good.

I will be interested to hear what John Scott says about him later this week. Sometimes you can get heavy legged during camp.

There is another scrimmage Saturday. Will you have access?