Biggest surprise in transfer portal so far

No one from Arkansas has entered the portal. Shocking really.

Yes it is

Word! I’m really surprised

? For baked and pj. Do you think our returnees have had their meeting with Muss?


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But then several seem to have not announced anything (which is also the way it was before the portal).

They should have had meetings. There was plenty of time before Muss left for Houston.

Been out of the loop, amazing no one has entered the portal WPS

Agreed. I expected 2, maybe 3 at least. Could still be forthcoming this week.

Sure could me more, I think we have some players on the bench who needs experience and maturity to become Sec caliber and I believe some will. WPS

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Very very quiet….too quiet!

Could it be…possibly…that Muss doesn’t wan’t a whole new team?
Crazy to think, for sure, but maybe he just wants to tweak the team he’s got.
We weren’t that far off, at least to me, but what do I know?
This team went thru some stuff this year, but still, they held it together enough to get to the 2nd weekend and beat the defending National Champs. That shows heart and dedication, and if I’m Muss, I find it really hard to cut some of these guys loose.
These are all great kids (not a single one of them was accessory to murder), and we never heard of any lockeroom issues…even with all the drama surrounding Nick.


I agree with you Jeremy. But I have concerns about Graham and Pinion improving defensively to the level needed for increased playing time next season. I suppose I was hoping those 2 might leave and free up space for veteran portal players. Not so.

The fact that Graham is coming back tells you he is disappointed in his lack of defense hurting his playing time. To me, that is very telling, because he is an absolute weapon on offense.
It would have been very easy for him to leave, but the fact that he is ready to go back through the grind speaks volumes to me.

And don’t give up on Pinion either.
We have needs, for sure, that Muss can address with the portal, but all that shines is not gold.

These kids played together under high expectations that they didn’t meet. Still they beat the defending National Champs and stayed together. I don’t know if all of you realize how special that is.

I’m not ready to throw any of them away, and they will be grizzled, hungry veterans on next year’s team.

Muss is really close to figuring out the special sauce.


Just a few added threats and TB fills a huge void in what was missing this season.

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Is it telling that Ford, Pinion and Graham have announced that they are coming back but silence from Dunning? Pretty sure he’s portal bound or Devo is going to Europe or both. We only have one spot on the roster. Can’t get “2 snipers and a big” without showing the door to someone.

I would really hate to lose Barry, and I mean really hate it. He is such a great young man.
Not sure how this all unfolds, but I would give up 1 sniper to keep Barry…and he has a pretty stroke.
I hope Muss feels the same way.

I still don’t know why he didn’t crack the rotation. He looked so good last summer. I will be really disappointed if we lose him.

At some point it would be nice to see the young players all return for sure. But I’d Muss see a young player won’t get playing time should the young man sit for another year or two? I doubt it.
The way the portal contacts have gone it hard to believe Muss is only planning on getting 1 or 2.
Muss may know for sure if Devo is coming back and other players.
It would be sweet to get Dickerson! If that happens and someone has to go it would be a plus.

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IMO Graham returning probably says more about the Twins (or at least Mahkel) than anything else. They and their family may be intent on them playing professionally somewhere this next year. Which, at their size, is probably something that could happen, especially if they are willing to play overseas.

I believe Muss would like to pick up a real difference maker in the post through the transfer portal. Look at what great post play did for UConn. I’ve always said that guard play wins National Championships. You have to have good guard play, which UConn did. But it was their 2 outstanding Bigs that made them dominant in the Tourney. If Muss is unable to pick up that dominate post player, then maybe he’d want both Mahki and Mahkel to return? The current “quiet” surrounding the Twins is deafening.

I’m glad that Graham is returning and hope that Muss will assign an assistant to work every day with him on improving his defense. If nothing else, Graham can be a difference maker in several games where his offense can be the difference between a win or loss. Especially against teams who don’t have dominate play in the post.

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I think one of the factors in Graham’s decision is that he has already transferred once. Kind of in a box if he wants to play next year…