Biggest concern is cornerback..................

…I feel Austin will start the season not far behind where Brandon finished his career. I have confidence that Enos’s tutoring, watching/learning from Brandon, his higher caliber supporting cast, and his familiarity with the system, a very good system, will let him hit the ground running in his QB career at Arkansas. The offensive line is coming together just like Clay said it would. They seem to be fine tuning with these switching of positions and not so much acting in desperation. They got good leaders in the O-line who will lead the way. This bunch will be very good in my opinion. Running back seems like it will be well stocked with talent with Williams, Devwah, & Kody splitting carries. We got a fullback, finally, and the tight ends seem to be settling in. On the defense, there appears to be talent and depth at linebacker, the seniors in the line (particularly Wise and Ledbetter) seem primed for breakout seasons and the young talent behind them is going to be pushing for playing time. Safeties seem solid so far. The corners scare me bigtime.

The biggest disappointment for me in the CBB era is the whiff at corner in this last recruiting class. It was an obvious position where a freshman with talent could have a great chance for playing time, we shot for the moon over and over, and lost out on every one of them. We picked up one JC transfer with lots of potential late so, at our already weak position, we got one guy to help, not counting walk-ons. He goes down for the season, D.J. Dean has hamstring problems, we have had corners transfer out, and we are horribly thin (almost as thin as we were at QB when CBB got here) looking at walk-ons in our two deep if anyone else gets hurt. I truly believe Rhoads and Rob Smith will get better play out of last year’s corners this year. I truly believe that the pass rush will be better and that will help tremendously. Injuries happen. Over half of our schedule is spread passing teams who require lots of DB’s two deep to stay up with. That is my biggest concern for this season and I hope and pray I am dead wrong about that.

That’s my biggest concern, too. I look forward to the day where we’re 2+ deep with great players at every position. Hard to do that in this day of 85 scholarships.

The top corners are and were Jared Collins, Henre’ Toliver, Kevin Richardson, D.J. Dean and Ryan Pulley. Would have been nice to have Britto Tutt too.

Edit: Forgot to mention that Byron Keaton from Camden Fairview is legit too.

Lack of quality CBs has certainly hurt us and could again this year. The SEC seems to be morphing into a spread league rather quickly. None that do the “jail-break” stuff in the fashion that Baylor has done under Briles, but several including Bama can move it through the air. Definitely a bit nervous.

We should know fairly quickly what we have back there with LA Tech coming in.

Austin, I think, will have a great year if his OL comes around as you and apparently Clay think they will.

Frankly, that unit is my greatest concern, BB’s expertise and history building OLines, notwithstanding. The left guard and right tackle are young and neither have ever started, or played OL that I’m aware of, against SEC competition. The transfer at right guard did not come to Arkansas because he loved the helmet. He got beat out of his starting job for the longhorns by a true freshman. So even as an upper classman, how good is he?

I know each will play hard for the Razorbacks, just hoping that’s enough to win some games and keep improving the W/L record.

Paul Rhoads thinks this is a talented group at corner. It’s not my concern. I worried more about safety. I thought safety issues affected how corners were used last year. Safety play is much improved. Hence, you will like how corners play. I expect DJ Dean to return this year. Losing Britto Tutt was a disappointment.

for FWIW

  1. OL
  2. Secondary (Corners & Safety)
  3. RB depth
  4. QB…(lack of experience)