Biggest comeback

This is Arkansas’ biggest comeback win under Dave Van Horn. Perhaps someone can fill me in if I’m missing one.

The biggest comeback I can remember under Van Horn was on Easter Sunday in 2010 when Kentucky led by eight runs but Arkansas came back to win 17-16 on Collin Kuhn’s walk-off grand slam.

The biggest comeback I can ever remember Arkansas overcoming was the 10-run deficit to South Carolina in 1998. The Razorbacks scored 11 in the ninth inning to win that one in the snow.

Those are the ones I recall, too. I think you have it.

I’m wrong on the Kentucky game. Arkansas was the one up by eight runs in that game, then Kentucky came back and took the lead before the Razorbacks won in the ninth.

Regardless, I can’t remember a game in which Arkansas came back from more than a 9-run deficit under Van Horn.

I was at that game — until the eighth inning. It was about 35 degrees and, Matt’s right, it was snowing. I was there with my son, who was 8 years old at the time, and I said we need to leave because of the weather and the score. He protested, but mildly.

We listened to the rest of the game on the radio driving home (about 30 minutes away). I also stopped for gas. We won game as we pulled into the garage at my house. My son has never let me forget it.