Biggest comeback & Biggest choke in Tournament history

This just makes me all warm and fuzzy insided.

1st UNC just had the biggest choke in NCAA Finals History!! LOL

2nd Kansas just won the whole thing and Mark Emmert has to stand there and give the known cheaters a trophy and be all nice and congratulatory. When inside he must be seething knowing that this will most likely get vacated and it could have all been avoided if they would have gotten off their “mules” and handled the case in any sort of normal timely fashion.


The NCAA is on life support right now. Somebody needs to pull the plug. Some of Self’s transcripts are just as bad as Wade’s.

That was a tale of two halves. NC couldn’t throw in the ocean in the second half just like Kansas couldn’t in the first half. Very good game though. Hopefully it will be our turn to win one real soon

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I guess there are instances of choking, as some call it, but seems to me that gives very little credit to the players on either team, especially the winning team. Was only watching in hopes of seeing a good game, with no real rooting interest, so hopefully objective. That said, when the second half started, it was very apparent to me that Kansas really upped their defensive energy, especially on ball pressure.

The main thing I saw that resembled anything like choking was poor free throw shooting, but if my memory is correct, both teams missed opportunities. All in all, I thought it was an entertaining game with both team fielding teams with some real talent. Was impressed with the spped and abilities of both teams’ guards to attack.

Yeah, UNC played poorly in the 2nd half, but Kansas played really really well. And UNC made some huge plays to stay in it. I would not call it a choke as much as they could not hold onto the momentum.

Bacot, Manek, & Johnson all having issues with injury could have been the difference as well. I do not know how Manek played as well as he did after being almost knocked unconscious in the first half. And after the his first two shots of the game were blocked, I thought Bacot was DONE! But the dude played hard until he twisted his ankle again. If he does not roll that foot, but scores on that drive to the hoop, the outcome might have been very different.

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