Biggest challenge of the portal

You never know each day what new names are going to pop up. You have to balance keeping your powder dry vs. a “bird in the hand”. I know Muss has been a master at navigating but has to be very challenging.

I am guessing there are a lot of “non committable” expressions of interest for all but the highest priority targets

He definitely has a list of importance that is evaluated after each new portal jumper.

Yes, it’s hard to figure out which transfers our staff really wants because there are many transfers that we make contact with, but don’t end up offering. I’m pretty sure that there are some transfers who include us in their “Top 5 list” even though we haven’t even offered.

Muss has said he touches base with most if not all of them, and then goes deeper to determine if they’d be a good fit, not only from a basketball talent perspective but personality, willingness to be coached, etc.

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