What a game way to get injuried. Bad luck.

From the THRILL of the HR…
To the AGONY of the injury to Biggers.
The injury doesn’t look good. I hope he can return, but that doesn’t look good either.

I’m watching on my computer with the sound off, but it looks like his finger was just hanging there. Sure hope he’s okay, but I’m glad we have the depth we do, Kenley should ably fill in for a while.

His fielding is exceptional. We can’t afford to lose him. I couldn’t tell much from the TV. Looks like it smashed a fingernail & the tip of the finger. Not a terribly serious injury, but one that could bench him for what is left of this season if something is broken.

Gone for X-ray. It isn’t good anytime to have an injury but he is a spark plug on defense.

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I’m sure that’s going to be pretty painful for at least a couple of weeks, however, I don’t know how badly his play will be affected by pain. I don’t know if they can or would shoot him up with novocaine or some other local anesthetic that allows him to play.

Biggers has a fractured index finger, but might be able to play through the injury: … -fracture/

Eduardo Perez really did a good job of explaining, basically, that if you were going to have a fractured finger as a LH hitter and RH-throwing infielder, that one would be the one to have.

I have my $ on Jax playing through it. That said, Kenley is a really good defender. It would be a big loss any way you cut it, though.

It really is a toss-up between Kenley and Biggers, defensively. Both are among the best on the team. I think Biggers is a more polished hitter and he does a good job of taking walks, although Kenley had a big walk tonight.

It sounds as if Kenley is going to play short the rest of the weekend and Biggers might give it a try in Georgia next week.