I think there is a good chance Jax Biggers will be back in the lineup tonight. Kenley has been great defensively, but Biggers would make the team a little more well rounded because of his bat.

I just hope he’s able to take his cuts at the plate with out hurting the finger. Kenley has come up with some good at bats! Biggers has a lot more power.

Now that his stitches are out, I think he’ll be fine with the bat. A left-handed batter is going to hold that left index finger off the bat a little bit, no different than a right-hander does with his right index finger. If you have a bat or a broom, pick it up and you’ll notice it just kind of naturally happens.

The fact that he throws right-handed means that finger is protected in the field, so if there was an ideal finger to break, that’s the one.

Let’s hope he has a good game if he plays.
It would be great for Jax to get hot with the bat!

I don’t really see how he can swing the bat like he’s capable with that finger like it is maybe I’m wrong but I just can’t see it.

Maybe. He hasn’t done much with the bat this year, though, and he has a broken finger.

Koch seems to be coming around. That’s huge. It’s crazy our offense is this good with zero production from the first basemen.

Gates has some power! He may get hot during postseason. The defense at first base is critical during postseason. With the lineup on our hogs team the production we need out of first base is solid defense.
The offense is a bonus!

Biggers will start today and bat ninth.

I stand corrected Biggers hits just fine 2 hits! good to see that,

There were 5 plays that involved 3B (4 grounders), and NONE to SS.

I had heard they really liked how he swung the bat this week.

He actually looked good at the plate. Those 2 hits show he can get it done at the plate! As Marty pointed out the plays to his side of the field were to Casey Martin at 3rd base today. It was just different with Jax in the lineup. It was also nice to see Gates come up with that 2 out hit to left field today.

He looked better today than he did the month before the injury.

I was very impressed tried to take the ball back up the middle ,we really need him to get back to last yrs form,he could really set the table for us in the bottom of the order.

As weird as it sounds, the injury might have been good for him in that regard. It could have allowed him to get rid of any bad plate tendencies he might have developed beforehand.

If Koch, Biggers, and Gates start hitting in the postseason like they did last year then this team could be very hard to beat.