Bigger than basketball: Whitt not defined by on-court play

“If someone were to ask about me, basketball would be the last thing on my list I’d want them to know," Jimmy Whitt told me earlier this month.

Whitt has attracted discussion about a potential professional career this season, but the game does not define him, he says:

Great article, defined as a truly great individual first and basketball player secondly. Jimmy found his niche on the court with the short range jumper and tenacious defense through hard work and has a firm handle on life itself it seems. Outstanding piece for a outstanding young man! WPS

Jimmy is a very good player on both ends of the floor. He can handle the basketball well, too. That is a skill most players don’t have. He is very dependable, highly productive and is a smart player. He is one of my favorite players. We would be in a world of hurt without him.

Another well written piece, thanks Scottie. Whitt is the glue
and a big part of this teams’ success. A thoughtful piece
that shines a light on Whitt and his thoughtfulness. I thoroughly
enjoyed this article.

This is a great article. This captures who he is. We are so proud of this strong you man.:+1:t5:

Thank you! Really enjoyed the conversation we had and talking to Matt Zimmerman and Manny Watkins about him. Throughout the season you could just sense there was so much more to him than basketball, and I wanted to dig a little deeper.

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