Big XII is

a joke of a football conference! Sloppy tackling on both sides. This league is all offense and no defense.

It’s entertaining as Hell though!


Totally disagree. The only joke I’ve seen all day is the Arkansas Razorbacks. OU is bad ass. So is WVa. OU has the best offense in the country and Murray is better than Tua.

Both have numbers in front of their names. And always do. I wish we would try it.

I agree with Hawgjaw. Heck, we couldn’t even get a hand-off without a defender getting past our pitiful OL.

The Big 12 offenses have gotten so good that quality defensive coordinators want no part of it. They will just be made to look silly. It’s not likely the Big 12 champion will win the playoff, but the offense always give teams in that conference a chance.