Big Win Tonight!

I think this team is gaining a lot of confidence and belief. That makes them a tough out. We don’t know what is going to happen over the next 30+ days, but it sure seems that DVH is pulling it together again. He has held it together often with bailing twine, but look where he has them. Just amazing.

Oh yes, Gage Wood is a real STUD. I like the way he approaches the game. Saw a little clip of him after a guy had reached base a few weeks ago. Coach asked if he was ok. What are you going to do with this batter? Answer – I am going to strike the SOB out!!! And he did! That is what I want from a pitcher.


My brother texted me last night in about the 8th inning, referring to Wood, “That boy is cocky.” My response was “He has reason to be.”


Yes I like his attitude as well… he is getting better and hopefully will continue to close these games out… if we get Morris to continue to recapture last year’s Morris it will really help us.


Indeed, having more than one great closer is a big time plus.


If Wood, Morris and Parker Coil can be reliable it would be huge in the bull pen. Once Taggart gets back into form and capable of bing able to extend his pitch count will he start or close?
Will Hunter Hollan be able to be continue to go or is the leg bothering her m too bad?
Will Hagen Smith Greg to where he can go 6 or 7 innings would help too.
MCEntire just needs to hit his spots.
The whole pitching staff is a work in progress. But has looked good.

No walks by Wood in a close game…top notch.

A truly great win, and holding them to a single run was a major accomplishment.