Big win. Now we lead the west

Even if only by half a game. Need to win tomorrow. It won’t be easy getting wins from here on out. It’s going to be tough in Red Stick & Athens. A&M, thank goodness, is at home. Regardless, this was a win he had to have. Getting two wins without Shaddy & Cronin is big. Kenley certainly played well, though. His double in B6 was huge & probably the difference in the game.

Have a question, how do they figure rankings? By series or win/loss? I ask because I just looked at the Top 7 teams this week (AR is #7) and AR is the only team that didn’t lose at least one game. So, will they move up or stay at 7?

Normally if you win your series you don’t drop unless someone below you does something really outstanding like sweeping Florida in Gainesville. I would have to look at the other schools to see if they have any bad losses or might lose their series tomorrow.

This is the Top 7 record for this week after today’s games:

#1 FL - 0-1 vs Mercer, 2-1 vs AUB (2-2)
#2 Stanford - 1-0 vs Pacific, 2-1 vs Cal (3-1)
#3 NC ST - 0-3 vs UNC (0-3)
#4 TT - 0-1 vs AR, 1-2 vs TCU (1-3)
#5 OR St - 1-0 vs Portland, 2-1 vs ASU
#6 Ole Miss - 0-1 vs Mistake, 2-1 vs LSU (2-2)
#7 AR - 1-0 vs TT, 3-0 vs Bama (4-0)
#8 East Carolina - 0-3 vs Houston (0-3)
#9 UCLA - 1-0 vs Cal St Ful, 3-0 vs Cal Poly (4-0)
#10 Clemson - 1-0 Kennesaw St, 1-0 vs Presbyterian, 3-0 vs Virginia (5-0)

NCSU will likely drop; definitely if they get swept. I suspect UF will stay on top but a 2-2 week will tighten the margin unless Cal wins. We’ll also have to see what Tech and the Beavs do.

So here’s today’s update:

Florida idle
Stanford beat Cal 5-2
NC State got swept by UNC. Heels will take a big jump, and Pack will drop
TTech lost to the Frogs
Beavs beat AzState
Rebnecks idle
Somehow we beat Bummer

Eighth-ranked East Carolina got swept at home by Cougar High; Pirates will drop bigtime.

North Carolina was 12th; they’ll take a big jump but I don’t think they’ll pass us.

I think we will probably be 5th tomorrow, passing TTech and NCState. Could pass OM too, since we took the West lead, but I’m less certain, and they did win our series at Oxbarn.