Big win for USA Soccer over archival Mexico

USA wins the first CONCACAF Nations League with a 3-2 win over Mexico.

In OT, Christian Pulisic scored on a penalty kick and most thought game was over. But USA had a handball in the next few minutes and was assessed a penalty kick. At that time USA was playing with substitute goalkeeper Ethan Horvath, who made a spectacular save.

One of the most tense and thrilling match I have watched. Staying up late was rewarded tonight.

Bodes well for USA soccer. We are fielding our second youngest team ever.

On to World Cup qualifying.

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Sarah and I discussed the age of this team. Definitely encouraging. This should be a boost.

I had kept one eye on the soccer on my phone while watching the baseball game, then flipped over on the TV after the final out. Definitely improved my mood, if not my opinion of the Mexican fans who showered the pitch with bottles and who knows what else (apparently at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, they throw bags of urine at visiting fans).

I will admit to watching as much soccer as baseball, lots of emotional watching in both but one seemed more destined to making me happy than the other. When Costieu came in, then I checked out to soccer with an occasional hockey view. Great win and lots of anger and bottles that should have stopped the game since they were able to do so for the crowd homophobic chanting. Strange with a weak ref. Very intense and very rewarding, too bad the 2017 Trinidad thing had to happen to kick start this new youth movement. Pulisic plus Reyna and Weston M should be a nucleus to win plenty, need on big time striker. I was not liking McKenzie but loving Brooks. Looked like the Wild West and VAR was our friend…

Just for occasions like this, I invested in two big screen TVs in the Living Room. Well without even 2 TVs, you can use iPad or iPhone as the second TV,

Spot on. Weston McKennie is athletic. It is amazing how he gets up for those headers at his height. I have seen McKenzie do better. Hopefully he progresses. I just wish they don’t play Sargent. He just makes too many mistakes, but Burhalter loves him.

I still need to invest in one; I broke mine six months ago and since then have been using a very old, very not-smart flat screen my girlfriend was no longer using. But that’s basically what I was doing, watching the soccer on my Android phone with baseball on the TV.

Five of those fans were arrested yesterday in Denver on felony charges

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